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About Me
My stats


Eastern Norway


English & Norwegian

Experimental, i have no limits to sex/gender though x)

56 kg

167 cm

Strawberry Blonde shoulder length

Grey with blue tint?

Small, hrt 3 years
About me
I'm a geeky camgirl that enjoys, apart from binge watching netflix - programming, woodworking, traveling and gaming, laying in the sun for hours (with spf50+), and of course I love camming, I love being naked and on camera - at the same time^^
I do love talking too so don't be afraid, I'll only bite if you want me to lol, chat with me about everything and nothing, curious about something, ask, there's no stupid (genuine) questions!

Early times
I suppose grew up as a boy though my inner awareness of my gender would be neutral, part from society of course telling you what you are. Childhood consisted of a lot of wild creativity expressed in woodwork and thrill seeking behavior lol, miracle I'm still alive.
Teens to mid twenties I was working a factory job a lot, between school and eventually just full time, lots of overtime, good money, no regrets but eventually after i began my transition it threw me into a depressive state and I eventually had to quit, and i found this ha. And I love it.

I feel I've always been an exhibitionist and nudist, comes in waves sometimes like a really need to express it. But it doesn't mean i don't love showing off sexy clothes in public as well^^
I've been into anal since I started experimenting with it in mid to late teens I think and quickly started obtaining butt plugs especially, I would (and still do) be wearing them out and about, at work, classes, shopping etc, always in, it just makes me feel comfy. My favorite plugs are glass for long time wear.

I saved up a lot of money living with parents and working the factory job, that in early mid twenties I bought a house next door lol, it gave me the freedom to begin experimenting with things, and as time went on self-realization and acceptance progressed, just before I turned 25, half a year later I began hormones on my own through the grey market.
Now I am working my way to official treatment in Norway that takes ages. I don't feel like getting the full surgery but I do want my testicles gone in the future.

After i began hormones and started loving my body more, I started posting pictures on reddit among other places for fun and attention. It progressed into camming late December 2016 when I realized I was close to leaving my job and needed a new income, at which I figured why not make money of being naked on internet as well when I already love doing it x)
I met my partner through here back in summer 2017, moved in together spring 2018 and still together (: He isn't normally with me on cam but it could be scheduled ahead of time.

August 2019 I went to meet Kalin London to shoot for Grooby! My Model Page

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I'm live on IP Cam x)