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* Use Share Cam above for privately sharing your cam with Analie only. But you can also set password and hide preview for public broadcast too, will still announce in chat however x)
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AnaCam & AnaTV Technical

My websites livecam feature uses WebRTC tech with mediasoup in the backend, nginx w/ rtmp-module in-between and powered by gstreamer and ffmpeg for real-time video encoding and processing~

Before mediasoup time with just native WebRTC in browser my personal computer would have to deliver my stream to each viewer, now delivered by my remote server.
A second issue in the before times was recording my streams, without ability to pick up RTP data and save to file on remote server, my recorder was a home server watching my stream, and recording the html5 video element and transmitting to my remote server over php in 30 second sequences.

Long before mediasoup and before WebRTC era (around here at least) I was playing around with live rtmp stream using only nginx rtmp-module and HLS to deliver.
This resulted in a delay of 10-30 seconds in my stream. Today I use rtmp from my home to remote server, which pushes the stream locally into gstreamer, which re-encodes the video and sends as RTP data to open pre-defined ports in mediasoup. Today the video delay is 100-500ms mostly depending on internet latency.

My breakthrough with mediasoup was in end of summer 2021 ~ around august times after having been on it for 6+ months.

Since then my recording page has grown a lot, and been improved, cleaned up, combined videos, gotten teaser and thumbnail canvases like videos page had.
Newer recordings are recorded in a more proper way, correct resolution, framerate and timestamps in video, and are encoded in h264/mp4 instead of vp8-9/webm.

With mediasoup my website is able to also directly forward my stream to chaturbate, it moves my resource usage to my remote server, and I am able to stream to my site - record my stream - and stream to cb in one! -but I still need to be in chaturbate chat x)

AnaTV is my latest extension to my medisoup node server, a 'tvstation' made in bash. It is made to find 6 hours of videos and records a day, and stream them on my site using the same tech as my cam.

The playlist plays in order, next day 6 new are chosen that was not played in the last 7 days. Quality may start out low in webRTC but may pick up with a little time, unless line is consistently slow.

AnaTV is free when I am offline! When online I may toggle free on/off at will, most likely not free when doing cb shows to limit resource use. However a new $5 sub for support include 24/7 acccess! (included in all other subscriptions too).

Analiestar Broadcaster - anyone cam broadcast themselves on my website!
Stream is limited to my website, it will show in chat. You can enable password and disable preview if you only want Analie to see, ie. during privates~

Find the broadcaster in buttons above or your name in the chat.
- Open internal broadcaster - load media - begin broadcast (... hide setup - fit cam to make the window smaller).
You can record your own stream for keeping, only Analie's recordings get published to website. Records are delivered in chat after processing completes.
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