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Anacam uses WebRTC (Real-Time Communication) technology which nowadays is built into every modern brwoser, it has been around for a long time but with limited use. It requires no plugin for your browser and can both broadcast and playback in real time ~ 0.2 - 0.5 seconds delay.
Native WebRTC in browser was my first project here after a basic RTMP configuration was used in the past, currently I have evolved it to make use of mediasoup to access the protocols on a lower level.
Mediasoup can handle the ICE, DTLS, RTP media layers connecting the viewer to a broadcasters mediastream with a wider support of browsers and devices, as well as codecs for video and audio.
The broadcaster, the consumer client app, the signaling server and peer management is still handled entirely by Analies app as it was with native WebRTC, mediasoup enables me to forward the streams to a remote server, that so delivers the stream to anyone wanting to watch it.

Mediasoup also makes available methods of connecting a broadcasters remote stream within the local server to output the raw real-time protocol (RTP) data, and have ffmpeg capture the sdp as input and output a video/audio file, or forward to RTMP.
Mediasoup does not do any transcoding of the video or audio, it can handle any codecs, but the choice in codecs are a limitation of the browsers. (Anacam above uses h264 with opus, Recordings since integration tranacodes audio to aac with ffmpeg before upload).
VR Cam

New test feature, [ VR Cam ] page with split chat window/UI.
Maybe to be used in the future more, got a VR cam recently that can broadcast to the website, that could be tried out using the page to watch and interact in live VR if you got a headset x)
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