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I have been on Chaturbate since late 2016, before this website existed, I started this website in spring of 2017. Then it was and my Chaturbate was

Now you may find me more often on here in Anacam simply because I can and it's my realm/domain to do as I please on. I built this place!

When I am on Chaturbate I am usually more ready for sex play stuff than when on Anacam daily, but anything may also happen on here, anything allowed on Chaturbate is allowed on my website, and more x)

When on Chaturbate I do usually have more viewers in my room than on my site, this also keeps me a more enthused for the show and focused on the chat and interactive part, but feel free to write to me on here too.

Just keep in mind similar rules follow here as on Chaturbate, for any sex stuff or 'show X please' I will expect tokens! Casual talk is nice but not if I feel it's taking to much of my time or to consistent - though for subscribers of my site this doesn't apply as much ;)

The schedule above and on the home page is as close you get to track my expected times on chaturbate but I can also change it any time I like, follow me on to be sure to catch me when I log on there!
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